AdSense vs AdMob

AdSense – Google Ads may be more familiar to you than AdSense. Google Ads are used to advertise products on Google platforms. AdSense, on the other hand, compensates people for marketing the products or services of other people. For instance, you can make money through AdSense by playing advertisements on your YouTube channel before the content begins to load. Using www.adesense.com, you can create an AdSense account. Google will examine the number of people who visit your website or link. That will determine how much you are paid. On content-creating platforms like YouTube and blogs, AdSense is more common. Because platforms for content creation like YouTube are excellent for promotions, as a result, utilizing AdSense, users can earn more money. If you don’t already have a website or YouTube channel, create one for free or with the help of a freelancer. Use it for AdSense purposes afterwards.

AdMob – AdMob is similar to AdSense but for mobile advertising. Google essentially uses our mobile devices for advertising and pays a fee for it. The most interesting element about AdMob is that there are no upfront costs involved in making money. See how we can accomplish it.

  • First, develop your own mobile app. You are not required to know how to code. You can utilize free mobile app making website like “appsbar” as an example. Which OS you use is irrelevant. Every OS can for this. You are free to use any theme when designing.
  • Next, you can upload your app to the Google Play Store.
    Apply for a Google AdMob account after publication. It’s a free account.
  • Then, using your AdMob account, you may add your mobile application to Google AdMob. Then, you must submit a request to AdMOb for ads to display on your mobile app.
  • Once Google AdMob has reviewed and approved your app, advertisements will start to show there.
  • The more people that see your ads, the more money you will make.
    Your ability to earn money is completely up to you. To make more money, your mobile app needs more downloads and views. To advertise your app, you can leverage other websites, groups, your own platforms, and friends.


Both AdMob and AdSense can be used to make money. AdSense has existed longer than AdMob. AdMob will be highly popular in the future, but mobile devices are currently very popular. Leverage trends.google.com to determine the popular themes to use while creating a website or mobile app to make money. However, how you participate in this process will determine both of these. You don’t have to be an expert to start, but you should be eager to look around and pick things up from scratch.

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Dilushi Dissanayake

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