Dark Web Guide to Everyone

Hello everyone. Today I came with a article about interesting topic. Many of our readers requested us to provide an article about Dark Web known as Dark Net. Hope you will enjoy this article. This is the first article of the “Dark Web Guide” series. OK Guys.. Lets move

What is the Dark Web /Dark Net?

Dark Web is a one of trending topics in social medias. In here I’m  going to simply introduce it.In the internet or world wide web we use, there are three parts.

  1. Safe/ Surface web
  2. Deep Web
  3. Dark Web

Safe Web – This is the part we use mostly.We can enter this part to by simply search something on a search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc). This is the portion of the worldwide web that is readily available to the general
public and searchable in standard web search engines.

Deep Web – This is a part of the World Wide Web whose content are not indexed by the standard web search engines for any reason.But special and reserved people can access to these pages. The content of the deep web is hidden behind HTTP forms. Also there are very common uses in this part. Your Gmail Account, PayPal account are some common uses.

Dark web –This is the part we going to Discuss. Simply we call these are the layers of information that you can only get access to through so-called “Overlay networks” which run on top of the normal internet and obscure access.

Then I like to discuss about the content of it.

Content of Dark Web

Lots of people ask this. The simple answer is : “What’s not here?”. Any thing you want to get, you can find from Dark Web.  Whether it is legal or illegal, it’s not a problem in Dark Web.

(1) Black Market 

The dark web is host to hundreds of underground markets that sell all kinds of illicit products and services. They are Drugs, Weapons, Stolen Data, and Malware etc. You can buy Drugs in Kilos. If you want to buy a AK47,Pistol or Sniper Dark web is the best place to it.

(2) Fraud Services ( Fake Document)

Want to get the Citizenship of America. You can do it for $18,000 (approximately) by Dark Web. They provide us fake documents which needed to get the Green Card. If you want to get a fake document you can buy them in Dark Net.

(3) HitMan

Want to kill your enemies. Simply hire a Hit man through the DarkWeb and Destroy your enemy.

(4) Hackers

Many hackers sell their services either individually or as a part of groups. eric, hackforum, Trojanforge, Mazafaka, dark0de are some examples to Hacker Groups. Cybercrimes and hacking services for financial institutions and banks have also been offered over the Dark web. Use of Internet-scale DNS Distributed Reflection Denial of Service (DRDoS) attacks have also been made through leveraging the Dark Web. There are many scam “.onion” sites. TAlso present which end up giving tools for download that are infected with Trojan horses.

(5) Porn

As the surface web there are also porn in the Dark Web. But they are not slimier to the porn which we watch in normal web sites as brazzers,pornhub, xnxx etc..  The porn videos in Dark Web are full with tortures and bondage. Some people says that kink.com is a legal part of  dark web porn. Also you can participate to live sex. You have only to command and pay by bitcoin. They do it through live videos.

(6) Red Rooms

The Red rooms are some of most horrific places on the Dark Web. It is a combine of some torturing web sites. Red rooms are consists with the videos of rapes, murders and tortures. In a Red room users can supposedly view a live stream of someone being tortured and murdered. Also they can participate it by exchanging Bitcoins for particular acts of horrific violence. The famous thing on this red rooms in tied a man to a chair and torturing him until he die.

By the way it is time to wind up now. This article is a little explanation about Dark Web. This is not the end. I will meet you soon with an article about “Uses and How to Enter the Dark Web“. Wish you all the Best.

written by BMaxx on KDJGuru