Dark Web Guide to Everyone – Part 02

Hi guys. I’m here with the second part of my Darknet Guide. Sorry for the delay. In here I’m going to tell you about the some beneficial uses of Darknet and some simple steps to enter the DarkWeb. To read the first part please click here. Ok now lets move to our stuff.

Some benefits of Dark Web

There are some benefits in the dark web. Even though they are benefits, but they are illegeal.

1) Credit Clone

You can buy any kind of Counterfeit Money from here. You can buy $5000000 value credit card for 10 Bitcoin. Also you can buy bitcoins and exchange the with the using currencies.

2) Electronic Store

This is a one of best things in the dark web. I think you have heard about blueprint.There are stores that who has the bluprints of world class mobile phones and laptops. So you can buy I-Phones, Samsung note mobiles for 20% of its original price. Also there are lot of electronic items for a small price at the Dark Web Stores.

3) Political Secrets

In the dark web there are so many web pages in the dark web that consists very sensitive, private and secret things about the political status of the countries. Also they consist the details about different terrorist groups. So governments use them to stop / prevent dangerous things.

  4) Hacking Tools

In Dark web stores and sites there are so many hacking tools and hacking software. So we can buy them for bitcoins.  Also u can buy spy camera, spy sensors for a cheap price.

How to  Access Dark Web safely?

You have to use tor browser and VPN service to acess dark web. Technically TOR browsers never keep cookies or caches of our routines. They cant track our data. They auto update your VPN. So the recommended way to access the dark web is Onion Browser and Nord VPN.

It is the time to wind up. Soo GOOD BYE guys. Wish you all the best. Remember to #Stay_Home due the Corona Virus Outbreak. Good Bye..