Fix ‘add-apt-repository command not found’ on Ubuntu

This tutorial shows you how to solve the “add-apt-repository” command not found, error on ubutu VPS on, or you local server. One of installing some software on Ubuntu or Debian is PPA which is called Personal Package Archive. If you need to add a new PPA repo to your OS, you will have to use the “add-apt-repository” command in the following way.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:package

However, when you run the above command on Ubuntu or Debian, you will get an error about not found things. It’s because we have missed something wrong.

Let’s fix add-apt-repository not found error

This error is so simple to solve. Actually there is not a very huge thing to do. Actually, this error comes because of the package add-apt-repository is not installed on your system default. Even you did run apt-get update. It won’t work.

However, when I say the above thing, you will try the following command for sure. Sometimes, you already have tried. Because I did it. (Lol).

sudo apt-get install add-apt-repository

No luck guys, Actually it’s not ok o run that command. But you can try the below command for sure. Because it’s the solution to this. Just open the terminal and use the following command.

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common

However, after executing the above command, you will see a process without an error. If you got a error, you have to check the server first. Anyways, after installing the above repo, you must run a update.

sudo apt-get update

Yes, now you can use the above add-repo command anytime you need it without any issue. Please leave your feedback and support us with it.

Note: If you see an error like software-properties-common command not found, you must run sudo apt-get update and try to install it again.