How Install SSL on ERPNext (Easy and 100% Working)

Install SSL on ERPNext 13

Hello all, this is great news. When I was searching for SSL certificate enabling posts for ERPNext, I could find more and more posts on the web. But some of them were outdated and some of them were full of issues. Finally, I could find a great solution and really like to share it with you to save your time.

Without much talking, let’s get started. By the way, you should complete the installation process of ERPNext without SSL to start with the following steps.

Let’s install the certbot manually

sudo apt-get install certbot

Then, we have to stop the Nginx server.

sudo systemctl stop nginx

After that, you can create certificates by using the following command.

sudo certbot --standalone --agree-tos --domain -n -m [email protected] certonly

Then, start the Nginx again.

sudo systemctl start nginx

Finally, you have to edit the path bench/sites/ and add the following lines after database info with comma.

“ssl_certificate”: “/etc/letsencrypt/live/”,
“ssl_certificate_key”: “/etc/letsencrypt/live/”

Finally, let’s regenerate the Nginx and reload it to enjoy our SSL activated ERPNext system.

bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx reload

** You need to run the following command to see the output which turns on the multi-tenant environment.

bench config dns_multitenant on

I hope you will share this post and other posts with your friends. Please let me know your comments. Good Luck!

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