If you are going to publish your Android application to the Google App Store, You must have a digitally signed APK first. So, this was my very large issue when I was going to publish my first App. (I’m writing this after I tried many posts). However, I couldn’t find a quick and easy solution. By the way, after matching a few articles I could find a super easy way to do that. So, this is the method which I used.

Let’s get started…

you must add android platform before build the app.

cordova platform add android

Then follow all the steps given below,

  1. Navigate to the root folder of your Cordova Application. Then type the following command on CMD. (bolded and the italic words must be replaced with your own words).

keytool -genkey -v -keystore MyApp.keystore -alias myapp

After running above code segment, your keystroke file will be generated to the root of your project. Just move it to the platform/android folder.

2. Create a file in your platform/android folder called “release-signing.properties” and insert followings to that file. make sure to replace bolded and italic values with info which you provided for Keystore file.


Now run the following code to build your signed APK.

cordova build android --release

After doing all the steps above, you will be able to get a signed APK file which is already ready to publish on Play Store. Consider: You must edit the JSON file before adding the Android platform.

However, I hope you will publish you app easily. Good Luck!

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