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How to Exit from Rescue Mode in Linode

To exit from rescue mode in Linode, follow these steps:

  1. Boot your Linode into rescue mode by selecting the “Rescue” option from the boot menu.
  2. Once you are in rescue mode, log in to the system using the username “root” and the password that was provided to you.
  3. Once you are logged in, you can use the following command to reboot your Linode and exit rescue mode:

This will shut down the system and restart it in normal mode.

Alternatively, you can also use the following command to shut down the system and exit rescue mode:

shutdown -h now

This will shut down the system and power it off. You will need to manually power on the system to boot it back up.

Keep in mind that any changes you made while in rescue mode will be lost once you exit rescue mode. Be sure to save any important data or configurations before exiting rescue mode.

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