How to fix relayhost_map lookup error

Hello friends, I brought another issue that I got while working on the AWS mail configuration. The main issue was I could receive emails on AWS, But because of blocked port 25, I couldn’t send an email to others. However, I was using the Plesk panel with Godaddy DNS Manager, But I had to point out all the DNS to my Lightsail server. That’s the summary of the scenario in which I was working for days.

However, I thought, It’s better to use a relay to send my mails using a custom port. I don’t know how this error came up for you. But the only thing I know is, you will be able to fix it surely. Anyways, about the relay part, I used mail jet service which has about 6000 emails per month (with 200 emails limit per day). This error came up for me when I configure postfix configurations using the terminal. Without any knowledge. I could do it by myself after a few failures. However, I’m glad to say, It’s a super experience and I learned a lot.

Without further talks, Let’s get into the topic. As I always, I don’t know the reason for this issue. But I found this error from the mail log. You can check yours using the following command.

cat /var/log/maillog

Anyways, after I found this error it was because of not removing a line from the postfix config part. However, Find the following line and comment it using # sign. (The following line has been commented and your view also should be like below.)

#sender_dependent_relayhost_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/relayhost_map

That’s all friends, No more work to do.

I hope you got something. Please be with us and I will write more fixes for issues that I could find. Have a nice day!