How to Install Moodle LMS Manually on a CPanel

Hello friends, welcome back to KDJ Guru blog again. After reading this post carefully, you will learn how to install Moodle on a CPanel properly without using any installers on CPanel. I decided to each you this method because when I was going to install Moodle with Softaculous  Installer, I got an error called there is no package. I think it might be an error of the server. Because my other server worked correctly. However, I didn’t give up, and I tried to install manually.

But, I got some issues when I was going to tall manually also. Because of not selecting the correct DB type and DB Collations. Anyways, let me guide you to the right path.

As you all know, the first step is to download the stable version of moodle and upload it to your server. If you have Cpanel access you can upload the zip directly. If not, you can upload all your extracted files through Filezilla or any other FTP client.

After you uploaded your files, you can extract them on the Cpanel and remember to move files, from the ‘moodle’ folder to your desired location.

Then, create a database using the MySQL Database Wizard. You can use any name for your database and username with a Strong Password.

Click on PHPmyAdmin and Your Created Database. Then you have to change the DB Collation here.

You must check whether the following extensions are enabled on your server or not.

Enable xmlrpc, soap, intl, opache

and Change the execution to 600. This option includes in when clicked the “Switch to PHP Options” button.


After that, you can type your URL of the moodle website and enter the Installation process.

Then click on the Next button on the first page.

In the second step, you can change the data directory (moodledata -> yourdata). It’s an optional method. After that click on next

After that, you have to select the second option – mariaDB (native/mariadb) – option and click on the Next button.

Then you have to fill following information for your created database.

After all, you will get a checklist and if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will see a continue button. If you can’t see a continue button, then you have done something wrong. Because of that, you will have to follow the instructions they have provided.

This is the only which I needed to guide you. After these steps, It’s easy to do other steps. Because all of them are on you.

I hope, You got and idea about the installation process of moodle. We will back with more tutorials. Be safe and Learn more.