How to Manage Enterprise Level Project in Laravel

When starting a new project, everyone asks themselves the following question. Here you will find the answer and just make sure you are well aware wit the points below.

How can I structure the project so that it’s easy to comprehend for myself or any other developer? As an example, if you’re looking for a file in a large project, you want to be able to find it quickly, right?

There are a few techniques and design patterns that help to keep a project clean and it’s on you to decide whether you go that way or not. But in this post, I’ll focus on the HMVC (hierarchical-model-view-controller) pattern, which helps to make your program scalable.

What is HMVC?

The HMVC pattern extends the MVC pattern and is a solution to scalability issues seen in large MVC applications.

An HMVC application uses a collection of MVC entities, each of which can run independently of the others. Ideally, no entity should ever load other entities’ models or libraries.

Value of using the HMVC Model

The HMVC’s quality is determined by its reusability, and it also allows for the easy distribution of MVC entities kept in a single directory. Furthermore, because the system has been divided down into discrete sections, testing is considerably easier. Meanwhile, HMVC reduces dependencies and enables for easy program expansion.

What’s the problem with the MVC design pattern?

One of the more enduring patterns is the Model-View-Controller (MVC) model. When it comes to the control of GUI elements, however, the standard MVC scope falls short (widgets). The complexity of data management, event management, and application processes are not handled by MVC.

For constructing a complete presentation layer, HMVC provides a powerful yet simple layered design paradigm.

Let’s see how we can apply the HMVC technique in Laravel!

Assume we have an accounting project that includes (Banking — Sale — Transaction); the question now is how to organize the project using HMVC! Let’s break these three elements down into MVC components so that they may be built independently but used together!

Each module has its own (routes – middleware – controllers – etc.) and will help you manage your project.

Best packages for generating modules and implementing that strategy

We have numerous packages with Laravel that produce modules, but I’ll discuss my own package (Laragine) as well as other packages that I’ve used in a variety of projects in this article.

Laravel Module is a Laravel package that allows you to use modules to manage your huge Laravel app. This package only serves to structure your project (Modules), not to implement it.

What is Laragine

Laragine is a Laravel package that was created to manage your large Laravel app using modules as well, but there’s a difference: this package implements all API CRUD operations with unit tests, the package generates (Controller — Model — Factories — Migrations — unit tests — etc..), and all you have to do is add your API route to your route folder and everything (APIs CRUD operations) will work magically. If you need to get a clear idea, watch this video. Also you can check their documentation to learn more.


The HMVC pattern is essentially an extension of the MVC paradigm. One or more MVC sub-applications are included in an HMVC application. As a result, anything MVC can accomplish, HMVC can as well. Now it’s a question of whether you require the HMVC’s flexibility and scalability.

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