How to Mirror Android Screen To the Computer [PC]

Hello guys, welcome you to KDJ Guru. This article will guide you to share your android device screen to your Windows PC without rooting your mobile. First off, you have to download software for your PC. Actually, if you use google chrome browser, it’s easy to use the Google Chrome extension. Anyways, you can download the app name called Vysor. Click here to Download Vysor. In addition, you can download the Windows, MAC, Linux versions also from the Vysor’s official website here.

Android Screen to Your PC

However, after you download and install the Vysor extension on the Google Chrome browser, you must run it by searching on the windows search bar or google chrome apps centre.

Then you will see a window like this.

Then you must go back to the mobile phone and enable USB Debugging on your android device. To do that, head into your settings and click on ‘ABOUT PHONE’. then click on build number option about 7 times and it will enable the developer options unless you already have it enabled. After that, go back to settings and click on developer options. Then enable the USB Debugging option first.

After enabling that option, you can plug your USB cable one end to your mobile and one end into your PC. It can be a USB Type C Cable, Older Micro USB, or Full-sized USB.

Then, press on the Find Device button to add your device to the app.

After you select your device, go back to your android device, unlock it and allow the request for USB Debugging. then, you are good to go. In a while, you will see your android device on your laptop or PC screen.

This Vysor software has not only a free version but also a paid version. But if you need to only control your device and check your device normally, free is enough for your work. But you will see a small ad every 15 minutes while you are using the app. It’s not a big deal. Ah!

The tutorial is finished. I hope you could do it. If something is wrong with this article, please don’t hesitate to leave your feedback. I will comment as soon as possible. Thank you for being with KDJ Guru. Bookmark our blog by pressing CTRL + D to come back to our website easily. have a nice day.