How to Reset/Unlock Any Disabled or Locked iPhone (Any)

How to Reset/Unlock Any Disabled or Locked iPhone (Any)

Hello friends, I came up with another tutorial for iPhone users who are struggling with locked or disabled phones. I’m sure this tutorial will help you to do it easily without wasting your time and money.

This method can be used in any iteration or version of the device from iPhone, iPads, iPods and it doesn’t matter which generation you have. It can be 2G all the way to the 10.

Let’s Rock With iPhone Lock


01 Turn Off Your iPhone

The first thing you must do is, turn off your iPhone by pressing the power button.

02 Connect the iPhone to Your PC


I hope you already have installed iTunes for your Computer. If not, just install it first. After that, you can connect your phone to the computer using a data cable while pressing the home button. (Don’t get your finger until it displays the restore screen like the following image. iTunes icon can be changed for some version and it’s OK.)


After the screen came up, your computer will pop up a screen with an update and restore buttons through iTunes.


If you press the Update button, you will only be able to update your version of the iPhone and it won’t remove your passcode or any security layer. If you click on the Restore button, it will delete all the data on the device and it will remove the passcode also.

03 Press Restore, Restore & Update.

Press Restore button to delete all data and restore your mobile (Yes will lose everything unless you have backed up your data to the iCloud). Don’t worry, this is the easiest way of recovering your phone. You have to do this. After pressing on the restore button you will get a “Restore & Update” option. Press it if you’re ok with it.


04 Wait & Watch for the Automatic Process


After doing all the above things, it will try to find your compatible OS version and if iTunes couldn’t find it, it will request a download automatically from servers. Let the iTunes do it and you have to wait about 1-2 hours without doing anything stupid. Patience is the cure for this process.

When I got this issue, I had to wait about one and a half hours with the downloading time. By the way, download speed will depend on the server’s speed and the speed of your internet connection.

Update and Restore process will depend on the device you have and the CPU faster the process can be.


Don’t try unplug your iPhone until display comes to the help screen. After coming to the Hello screen, you can unplug your device and you will need an internet connection (Wifi) for next steps.



So, I hope you could get your iPhone unlocked. I knew that. However, don’t mess with your iPhone again. If you mess with it again, you can do the process again, that’s your choice.

After doing all the steps above, you have to config your phone. I won’t teach you about it. because it’s your part. However, you won’t see a passcode again until you put one.

If you like this article, please share it with your friends and help them to unlock their iPhone without wasting their money and time. I hope you will stay in touch with KDJ Guru.