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How to Set a CNAME for an Amazon S3 Bucket

You might want a URL that is prettier than the default if you want to use Amazon S3 to share files publicly for your website or to enable downloads, for example:

To make this real, you can set a CNAME which points your domain to Amazon S3 bucket.

First, confirm that the name of your bucket matches the name of your CNAME. To use an example, if I wanted the CNAME to be, I would set the bucket name to that.

The next step is to log into the location where your DNS settings are kept (assuming you haven’t updated them, your web host is presumably where they are kept) and add a new CNAME record for that domain. I would then direct that CNAME to: for the aforementioned example.

The screenshot which is given below will show you how to setup the record in cloud flare.

The duration will be depend on the hosting provider and however wait for a few hours until you check the connection. You will be able to check the CNAME propagation from using NS Checking tool.

Hope your work is success. Just keep in touch with our blog to learn more in the future.

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