How to Upload Photos to Facebook without Losing the Quality

Hello, welcome back to KDJ Guru ( This is about another very big issue of the designers and digital marketers have. As we know Facebook is a very popular social media website in the world and most of the people are using it to post some special moments, waste their time by scrolling down the feed and some people use it for marketing purpose.

However, when if we upload photos on Facebook, most of them will lose their quality and we can’t see the details of the photo. Maybe you are a good designer and high-quality designer, but when you upload something like that to Facebook, your value will be decreased and people will reject your design.

This is a very big problem which I had for months. However, I was very lazy to find out a solution. After some time, I did research about this issue and I found a good and easy solution. This effort is to teach you that way in a few steps.

Why Facebook Try to Lose Quality of an Image?

Facebook is a very large network which has millions of users. With the images and videos of those users, Facebook have to keep everything on their servers. For that, they need to limit sizes and they have to compress very large file for their standard sizes. It’s an automatic process. However, all of our images, videos and other files are compressing every time we upload.

Facebook support all the photos which are in 720px, 960px, 2048px on their longest edge. (short side is OK with a custom size.) If you can make the photo with the above dimensions, you can save your photo with minimum compression level. If you have used different dimensions, they will get your photo for the high compression process. It will lose visual and file quality. (It’s not an issue for them, but for us). Especially, the reduced image will be out of sharpness and will be blurred.

How to Upload Photos with the Best Quality on Facebook?

If you can use the above dimensions (720, 960, 2048 Pixels) for the longest edge of your photo, it will save your photo of about 50%. But, if you need to save more than 70% of the compression process, you must do the following thing.

As I said above, dimension is an important factor. If you have used the correct dimensions, Facebook won’t change the dimensions again. I recommend you to use 2048px for the longest edge. But if you need your file size to be decreased, you can use 720px or 960px.

After making your photo, you have to export it now. The normal process is we can use “save as” option to save as a JPEG, PNG or any type we want. It’s good for normal things. But not suitable for web uploads.

However, you must change it when you are going to use it for Facebook. The way is, you should use File–>Save for Web function of Photoshop. Then you will see a window like the following image.

Before click on “Save” button, you must change the following settings first.

  1. Select the JPEG option.
  2. Quality: 70
  3. Tick on “Convert to sRGB”.
  4. Longest edge (Width or Height) must be 2048px.

If you have configured those settings, the final step is to click on the save button. After that it will ask a location to save, just give it. Now you have a quality and already compressed image with minimum size. Just upload it on your Facebook page or profile.

If you have done the process correctly, you can see strong colors also.


You should not upload your quality images on Facebook for their automatic compression process. If your photo will be identified as a huge and unmatched dimension they will try to reduce the file size and the dimensions. With those things, you will lose quality also.

To skip that process, you can do the following.

  1. Resize or make the canvas to 2048px on Longest Edge.
  2. Use “Save for Web” option File–>Save for Web.
  3. Reduce the quality by change the value to 70%.
  4. Confirm whether your photo is set to the sRGB option.
  5. Finally, upload your image on Facebook and make sure to tick “High Quality” checkbox, if it’s given.

With this method, you will be able to post your photos without losing the quality. If you need to know more about Facebook posts and other stuff, please leave your comment below. I will surely check it and work on it. Have a Nice Day!