Install ERPNext (Easy Way) with Mapped Domain (SSL Included)

Hello all, this tutorial would be an awesome one for all the tech-savvy people who really like to experience an amazing ERP system. I remember, when I was trying to install an ERP, I had to face a lot of issues. Especially lack of tutorials was one one of the issues. However, most of the people have posted the same question again and again in every forum.

By the way, let’s get into the easy ERPNext installing method. First, you must already have a pure clean (fresh) VPS. Else, you can buy one from our hosting solutions company We won’t force you to do buy our one. But you have more cloud solutions such as Linode, Digital Ocean, AWS, google cloud or any you like. Just access the server by using SSH and let’s follow all the steps which are given below.


Initial Configuration

– Run the following Command

apt-get install python3-minimal build-essential python3-setuptools

– Add a User

sudo adduser erpnext

– Give Sudo Access for that created user

sudo usermod -aG sudo erpnext

– Get access with that user

 su erpnext

– Following Command is special

export LC_ALL=C.UTF-8


Installing ERPNext

– Just type the following command to go to the user home directory

cd ~

– Now, download the script from the official repo to make our process easy and smooth.


– Then, run the following command to start the installation process of ERPNext system. You will be asked to type two passwords (Mariadb and ERPNext Admin). Just provide it when the prompt.

sudo -H python3 --production --user erpnext --mariadb-version 10.4 --site --verbose


Following are the parameters and a short description of the task it does.

–User: Because we created the user with the same name, we don’t have to worry about it. Even you forgot that step, this parameter will add that user by itself.

–Site: It’s necessary to replace your domain with the defined one. However, the domain must be pointed into your server’s IP address. Make sure of it.

–mariadb-version Defining the MariaDB version will be an added advantage for installation.

–verbose: During the installation process, you will see all the information about the installation, it will help you to gather some errors if anything is there.


Securing ERPNext with Let’s Encrypt SSL