Hello friends, this post is for music makers who are searching for Loops for the track. As we all know, Dholak is a very cool sound that we can use on most of our tracks. So the link is below and download it and let me your feedback. You will get more for your project as soon as possible.

Title: Dholak Mega Loop Pack
Filename: Dholak Mega Loop Pack.zip
File size: 49MB
File type: .zip / .wav
Category: Beat / Loop

Zip File Includes,

Dholak Loop.001.wav
Dholak Loop.002.wav
Dholak Loop.003.wav
Dholak Loop.004.wav
Dholak Loop.005.wav
Dholak Loop.006.wav
Dholak Loop.007.wav
Dholak Loop.008.wav
Dholak Loop.009.wav
Dholak Loop.010.wav
Dholak Loop.011.wav
Dholak Loop.012.wav
Dholak Loop.013.wav
Dholak Loop.014.wav
Dholak Loop.015.wav
Dholak Loop.016.wav
Dholak Loop.017.wav
Dholak Loop.018.wav
Dholak Loop.019.wav
Dholak Loop.020.wav
Dholak Loop.021.wav
Dholak Loop.022.wav
Dholak Loop.023.wav
Dholak Loop.024.wav
Dholak Loop.025.wav
Dholak Loop.026.wav
Dholak Loop.027.wav
Dholak Loop.028.wav
Dholak Loop.029.wav
Dholak Loop.030.wav
Dholak Loop.031.wav
Dholak Loop.032.wav
Dholak Loop.033.wav
Dholak Loop.034.wav
Dholak Loop.035.wav
Dholak Loop.036.wav
Dholak Loop.037.wav
Dholak Loop.038.wav
Dholak Loop.039.wav
Dholak Loop.040.wav

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