Moodle PDF annotation not working (the ghostscript path points to a non-existent file) – Fixed

Hello all, thanks for checking the blog again. I got another problem with the Moodle LMS. So, as mentioned this is about annotated PDF option. Yeah, it was missing! However, I remember, when I tried different hosting it worked sometimes. By the way, finally, I could recognize this is not a hosting problem anymore. Let’s get into the fix.

The first thing you must check is the exec command of your VPS or shared hosting. (If you are using shared hosting, you need to send a request for that)

However, after allowing exec command you can go to the next step which is the Ghost Script path.

To make this correct, you should be able to install the Ghost script on your server.

  • For that, write the following command.
sudo apt-get install ghostscript -y
  • To confirm the path. Write the following commands.
cd /usr/bin/
  • For the check whether it exists or not.
ls -l ghostscript

Now everything should be alright. Congratz. If you got any issues let us know. Thanks for being with us.

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