Most Essential Android Settings You Need To Turn Off Now

Hay everybody, welcome to KDJ Guru Blog. With this article, I’m going to write about some android settings you need to turn off immediately. Here we are referring to the Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 10. If you are going to use any different phone or any different Operating system, it might be different. But settings are all same.

It’s better to read this article because this article will help you to load off your phone’s processor which is going to speed it up or It will help you to save your battery life. Both are good right ah! In addition, these settings will help you to improve your privacy a bit which is also a big consideration these days. No worries, we are trusted, WE WON’T LIE TO YOU AS A TRUSTED BLOGGER.

Ok then, let’s get started right now.

First, you must go to the settings app of your android mobile.


Nearby Scanning

oh! Nearby device scanning does what it sounds like it does. Your phone will be like a person who is always searching for other’s problems. I hope you understood. Yeah! With this feature turned on, your phone will search for other devices that are nearby that it might want to connect to. This will really drain your battery life and you won’t even know that.

Tap on Connections -> More Connection Settings -> Tap the switch off on Nearby device scanning.


Choose which app can run in the background

This is a great feature sometimes, but if you need to save your battery life, this feature should be turned off right now. This will check what are the applications you want to allow to continue to run the background of your mobile even when you don’t use it. Anyways, it’s not much easy to find it. Because we need to enable the developer mode on.

Go to settings app -> Scroll down and click on “About Phone” and tap on that -> Then tap on Software Information -> Finally, tap on Build Number 7 times.

Then, it will as for your pin or your fingerprint whatever you have put, just provide it as necessary. Hola, you have now enabled the developer mode.

Still, we have to do some work to turn of our feature. However, go to the settings on the main page again. Then you will see the developer options underneath about phone option. Tap on it and scroll down to the background check. I think I should be under the app section.

Then you will see a lot of applications with that feature turned on in the list and you won’t even imagine how that app went to that list. Don’t think about it too much, because it will level up your pressure. So, just what you have to do is to turn off only necessary applications which you are not going to use when you went to sleep.

Why should you turn off this as mentioned above is the battery.  In addition, if you didn’t know what happened with your data package, this can be an issue. Remember not to turn off any essential system features.


Usage and Diagnostic Information

This is not a bad setting, but remember, if this turned on your usage data and some information will be sent to google or to Android developers in the background when you are not using your mobile phone. It will really burn your battery.

Settings Main Page -> tap on Google -> Tap on 3 dots above right corner -> Tap usage & diagnostics -> Tap the switch to turn it off.

Congratz, now it will save your battery life and cellular data.


Turn off Ad Personalization

This is a feature that is going to deliver some anonymous data like how you use your phone to some ad networks the benefit they have is, they can send you more relevant advertisements for your searches or activities. If you search, you will see good.

Anyways, they are collecting your data and It’s like you were talking about biscuits and suddenly you got few ads about biscuits. LOL. It’s weird, right?

Settings Main Page -> tap on Google -> Tap on Ads -> Opt out ad personalization -> Turn on this.

Yeah, as a turn-off article it should be turned off. But this setting you need to turn on.