Pluralsight (Online Learning Platform) is 100% Free for April Month

Hello, guys welcome to KDJ Guru blog with another amazing free month from the one of best online courses website in the world. Actually, I was really surprised when I got this news. If you remember, we brought another free pack before for Hub thing. But it was not very useful for people who love to learn and use their time productively. However, in this corona time, if you can learn more and learn in the right way, you will be sure to succeed in the future.

As the blogger and the owner of KDJ Guru. I really like to say, I also learn everything I can in the IT industry. Not only In IT but also in other areas such as Business Management, Communication and etc.

However, the following is a short-expression from Pluralsight’s website.

Times are tough right now. To help you be productive, make progress toward your goals or build skills toward a new career, we’re making all 7,000+ expert-led video courses completely free for the month of April.

It’s amazing ah! Yesh It is. Click Here to check the Registration page and fill all the information without thinking much. Then you will get an email for your mail. Anyways, I got an issue, Because I don’t remember whether I created an account or not. However, after completing the application and receiving the mail from them, I had o reset my account. However, when I logged in to their official website, I had to select some interest of mine. Then I could access all the videos they had. Video Quality and the quality of the content is amazing.

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