How To Connect to a WiFi Network Without a Password

Hi guys..This is my 1st blog letter on this blog. I’m going to say about a tip to enter any wifi nework without using WiFi Password.When you visit a friend’s place, was he gave his WiFi Password to you? Ahhhaaahhh surely he never said it. Don t worry. I’ll teach you the way to log any WiFi network with WPS system without password.

WPS means Wifi Protected Setup. In routers, there is a small button called WPS Push-button. By following steps which are given below, you can connect wifi without any password.

  1. First, get sure about that WiFi router receives power.
  2. Check the WPS menu in your WiFi device(Mobile phone, tablet…..). If you using a PC find out the wifi network and connect with it.
  3. Then press the WPS button on the router
  4. Within two minutes you will connect with the WiFi network. It’s just simple.

Note:- When considered mobile devices this method is working only with the Wifi networks that shows “WPS Available”.

Thank You for checking this article. Maybe this is a short article. But, You should try this someday. Because it will be easy to connect any router without any password. Keep in touch with KDJ Guru blog. Have a nice day!